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Naturum composting toilet

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Biolan Naturum is a composting indoor toilet easy to use. It is a complete integrated system and occupies almost the same space as a water toilet. It is easy to install Naturum and it functions without water, electricity and chemicals. Naturum separates solid waste to the compost drum and liquids to the drain or to the container. A rotating thermally insulated compost drum ensures a quick and odourless composting process and gathers the final product into a container that is easy to empty. The separating seat of Naturum makes the wet cleaning as well as the use of a bidet shower hose possible.

Features & Benefits:
  • A composting indoor toilet
  • Does not require water or electrical supply
  • Occupies the same space as a plumbed toilet
  • Odourless
  • Separates solid from liquid waste

Technical Specification:

Capacity: In continuous use 1 - 5 persons, limitless liquid load capacity
Dimensions: 830 x 800 x 800 (D x W x H)
Seat height: 430 mm (normal water toilet height)
Ventilation pipe: 75 mm (white)
Drain pipe: 32 mm (standard drain pipe)
Compost volume: 30 L
Emptying tray: 10 L
Emptying interval: With 4 persons approx. 1 month
Bedding: BiolanĀ® basic (approx. 1 L/ person/ week)
Total weight, empty: 34 kg
The narrowest door opening of the installation site: Assembled 630 mm, in pieces 500 mm Contents of delivery: Delivered ready for installation with mixing and bedding material. Includes the air conditioning tubes

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Further information can be found here -

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