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Separating Dry Toilet

  • Model: separating dry toilet



Latest design and comfort for toilets where water and electricity is not available.
The Biolan Separating Dry Toilet is a modern, easy-care and neat dry toilet for your holiday home. As its name suggests, The Separating Dry Toilet, separates the urine from the solid waste. This separation takes place inside the unit, so the urine draining away is clean and, once diluted with water, ideally suited for such applications as fertiliser for flowers and shrubs.
There are two separate containers for the dry waste. While one is in use, the other is inactive to the rear of the toilet. You can install the Separating Dry Toilet onto an existing floor, and it can be installed as an outside toilet or in living spaces. The toilet does not require water or an electrical supply for operation.

Features & Benefits:
  • A composting toilet
  • Does not require water or electrical supply
  • Can also be used for composting organic waste
  • Odourless
  • Optional wooden toilet enclosure available
  • Long emptying intervals
  • Thermo-insulated construction
  • Easy to clean surfaces

Technical Specification:

Seat height 530mm
Dimension 600mm x 850mm x 780mm (W x H x D)
Weight approx. 16 kg
Material frost-proof polyethylene plastic
Colour blue
Container for bedding material volume 33 L, able to be detached, attached with doser internal containers volume 28 L, incl. lid, handle
Air conditioning tube diameter 75mm, black
Drain pipe diameter 32mm, white
Guarantee for material and workmanship 1 year

Complete delivery includes:
  • dry toilet
  • inner containers 2 pcs
  • incl. lids
  • air-conditioning tubes 2 pcs
  • bedding material; 1 bag 40 L, manual

Further information can be found here - Biolan Separating Dry Toilet

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