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Hotrock Garden Composter

  • Model: biolan hotrock composter



For all-year composting of household and garden waste.
The Hotrock garden composter has been designed for single household or even public garden usage. This all year round usage composter represents the most advanced technique for the treatment of kitchen waste. Its capacity is adequate for waste from a large family and also garden waste, which is suitable for composting. The extremely compact and hard wearing structure, air distribution tubes( which supplies air through pipes directly to the middle of the compost mass ) and its thick polyurethane insulation, maintain the composting process even during winter months! The lid of the composter has been designed so that the condensed humidity and the nutrients return to the compost, maintaining the optimum moisture content for composting.

Features & benefits:
  • Designed for a public/private gardens
  • Sturdy construction with large hinged cover
  • Blends into garden environments
  • Accepts food and garden waste
  • Accepts animal waste
  • Insulated: works at full capacity all year round
  • Odourless
  • Rodent proof
  • Weatherproof
Technical specification:

Volume: 450L
Height: 95cm, base 114cm x 95cm
Construction: UV stabilised frost-free polyethylene
Insulation: freon-free polyurethane
Warranty: 3 years

Colour: Grey

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