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Composting Toilet

  • Model: composting toilet



The most popular compost toilet in Finland!
The Biolan Composting Toilet is a neat and functional toilet solution for your holiday home. The Composting Toilet does not require water or electricity for operation, and you can install it also in a toilet structure or external toilet cubicle. The thermo-insulated 200 litre compost tank guarantees quick composting of waste, and it can also be used for composting domestic organic waste.
The Composting Toilet has a closed, environmentally friendly design. Efficient ventilation keeps the room odourless. Due to evaporation, the amount of seepage accumulating to the bottom of the tank is insignificant. You can empty the compost easily and lightly. Use the bottom door to remove ready compost only; you do not need to move the entire device. When used in the summer house of one family, the compost can be emptied only once a year. The Composting Toilet includes a comfortable, easy-to-clean thermal seat.

Features & Benefits:
  • A composting toilet
  • Does not require water or electrical supply
  • Can also be used for composting organic waste
  • Odourless
  • Optional wooden toilet enclosure available
  • Long emptying intervals
  • Thermo-insulated construction
  • Easy to clean surfaces

Technical Specification:

Volume approx. 200L
Base 67cm x 67cm
Height 100cm
Weight approx. 30 kg
Diameter of the drain pipe 75mm
Liquid separator
Colour dark brown
No need for chemicals: mixing material Biolan Compost & Compost Toilet Bedding

Complete delivery includes:
  • Compost container
  • Air conditioning tubes
  • Seep liquid canister including hose and connector
  • Thermal seat, can be detached and changed

Further information can be found here - Biolan Composting Toilet

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